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LinkedIn Is Not Your Resume
  CHANNEL PARTNERS EVOLUTION — A sales expert gave an impassioned plea for partners to stop competition on price. Will Harris, managing
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Episode 009 – How to get information that guarantees you close a cold call?
Anyone with the desire to grow and willingness to prepare must also accept the responsibility to take action. It is
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Episode 008 – What to Say in Your Opening Statement?
Hello, I’m Will Harris. Welcome to the Power Sales Guru podcast. The title of this episode is What to Say
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Episode 007 – How to close a sale in first 10 seconds of a Cold Call?
For this podcast, we are going to look at the most important part of your opening statement…the interest statement. You
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Episode 006 – Increase your charisma to win more sales.
Power Sales Guru, Will Harris discusses concepts from his best selling book “Power Prospecting”.  In this episode he states: “What
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Episode 005 – Making the Gatekeeper Your Champion.
This is the 5th Power Sales Guru Podcast by Will Harris. In this podcast, Will helps you convert the gatekeeper
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Episode 004 – Speed Reading People to know what they want everytime.
The Power Sales Guru, Will Harris, teaches you how to Speed Read people to know what they want every time.
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Episode 003 Part II-Time Management for True Sales Professionals.
Time Management Six Time Management Tips That Save You Time – Part II Time Management is the topic of the
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Episode 003 PART I – Time Management for True Sales Professionals.
Six Time Management tips that saves your time. Time Management is the topic of the podcast done by Will Harris
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Episode 002 – Psychology of Selling – Mastering your mind to sell everyday.
The mindset of selling is the topic of the podcast done by Will Harris entitled: Psychology of Selling. This video
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Episode 001- Power Prospecting to Close More Sales.
Power Prospecting is the title of the Best Selling book by Willpower Harris. It teaches techniques to improve a salesperson’s
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